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About Us

We build your sales funnel for a true 24/7 lead
lead generating machine.

We don’t believe in a quick fix for marketing. We work to discover the big picture in your business and build revenue generating machines for our clients to help them attract, acquire and retain customers with increasing revenue on autopilot.

Best Advertising Agencies in Jacksonville 2022.
Our "Super Powers" at Mod FX Media

Our "Super Powers" at Mod FX Media: We take pride in what we know so you can generate new leads
while you sleep. Awesome, right..?

We're Passionate About What We Do.
100 %
We Get To Know Your Specific Business.
100 %
We're Here To Serve Our Clients.
100 %
We Do Amazing Work.
100 %
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Justin Ingram
Krizia Ingram
Managing Director/HR
Kim Mcgough
Director of Operations
Monica Toth
Customer Service Representative
Charles Goodin
Technical Marketing Specialist
Steven Freivogel
Dana Coxe
Content & Social Media Manager
Kerry Johnson
Paid Ads Specialist
Sarah Gagliardi
Account Manager
JP Gaffney
Creative Director
James Gaffney

What People Say

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