How SEO Benefits Your Medical Practice

Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires finding your niche and making it more visible to an audience looking for you online. It is valuable whether you are a blogger, an e-commerce shop, business professional, or medical practice.

Implementing SEO strategically will have a positive impact on the visibility and patient volume of your medical practice. Since all physicians are in such a competitive field, they stand to gain a huge advantage by applying search engine optimization to their website in order to help them stand out.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” The practice of SEO is the practice of employing a methodical approach to increasing your web page’s ranking on internet search engine results. Although SEO involves many tactics and approaches, one important pillar involves analyzing common searched-for keywords and phrases and building the website’s architecture around them to maximize their effect.

Through well-implemented SEO, you can promote your medical practice to achieve the top web page in search engines like:

  • –Google
  • –Bing
  • –Yahoo
  • –DuckDuckGo

Why Is SEO Important for Physicians?

SEO is important to physicians for 4 distinct reasons.

  • –It can help you rank at the top of the page
  • –It increases virtual foot traffic
  • –It makes information and services easily available
  • –It provides a better patient experience

75.1% of people click the top three results of a Google Search according to recent study. An increase in virtual foot traffic means a potential increase in real-world clients. An SEO-driven page highlights your skillset and expertise to a wider audience.

When health care is involved, patient emotion and anxiety often increase. A well-designed web page can help alleviate that anxiety by providing information quickly and easily, positioning your physician brand as knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Besides boosting your search result rankings, there are a number of other ways that your web presence can be optimized which results in a higher quality patient experience. This includes:

Targeted Leads

When patients search for a doctor online, millions of results will come up. However, when patients add keywords, such as specialty and location, the choices drop sharply. Having a strong SEO strategy will put your site in front of patients who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. 

Lower Costs

SEO is one of the most affordable forms of advertising and produces an exceptionally high return on investment (ROI). 

SEO has ongoing long-term results, such as constantly increasing traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness. Using the many strategies that SEO has to offer, you will be able to market your practices’ products and services to the patients that need them most. 

Build Authority

Trust is essential for any healthcare practice to lead patients further down the patient journey. Search engine rankings are determined by the number of people visiting a website and how they react, such as time spent on the site or if they immediately “bounced” back to the search engine results. Therefore, a website that ranks higher on search engines is seen as more trustworthy than one that ranks deep in the search results.

How Can ModFXMedia Help?

ModFXMedia can help provide SEO services specifically geared toward medical practices, including a full suite of features designed to enhance your patient experience. Those features can include:

  • –Medical Website Design & Management
  • –Medical & Healthcare SEO
  • –Google Advertising
  • –Reputation & Review Management
  • –Social Media Management
  • –Healthcare Content Marketing
  • –Creative Medical Brand Messaging

We can help you build and manage an effective website that ranks highly in browser search results, drawing new patients into your practice. ModFXMedia is able to take that increased visibility one step further by helping you manage your social media marketing campaigns, and making sure that positive patient reviews are prominently displayed in search results.

Amplify Your Practice with Proven SEO

Practices aspire to dominate their local market and be at the top of Google. 

ModFXMedia works closely with each provider to determine your practice’s niche and areas of opportunity and then promotes your expertise to an audience that is trying to find your services. 

With our proven experience executing medical SEO strategies, your website will receive a boost in website traffic, which will result in new patient visits and an increase in revenue.

Are you ready to boost your medical practices SEO strategy? Contact ModFXMedia for an SEO consultation today!

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Sales Strategy Tips For Small Businesses

What is your small business doing wrong? Let’s imagine for a minute that you have an excellent marketing team, management decisions and a great customer service team, but you’re not growing as a business! Frustrating, we know! Is it possible that there is something wrong with your sales strategy? In most cases it is, which is why we’re going to go over sales strategy tips for small businesses in this article.

The goal of every sales organization

Having a great sales strategy is not just for large organizations or multinationals. Small businesses need a great sales strategy as well to stay in the game and win over their competitors.

The goal of every sales organization is to close more deals faster or sell more products or services. In order to accomplish this, every organization needs a strong and effective sales strategy. As a business owner you may not have the time, team or resources which can cause you to lose precious time and money.

By building and developing a solid sales strategy with a professional marketing/digital marketing agency, it will help your business generate the leads you need that can really boost your small business. 

In this article we will walk you through the importance of a great sales strategy and how to build one that can help your small business make a real quantifiable growth.

What is a sales strategy?

Let’s jump back to basics for a minute here. What exactly is a sales strategy?

A sales strategy is an approach by an individual or a business to sell their products or services for generating and maximizing revenue. It supports your sales efforts and helps you to achieve desired results.

In other words, a sales strategy involves understanding your unique selling methods, identifying your target market, knowing your competitors, analysing trends and staying organized. A well-defined sales strategy shows you a clear path for achieving desired sales goals quickly.

Why is it important to have a sales strategy?

Having a solid sales strategy is important for the growth of your company. One of the biggest mistakes we often make is forgetting to build a sales strategy. Creating a sales strategy can help you get more customers, build strong customer relationships and sell more products/services.

A well-crafted sales strategy helps you to address the needs of customers at every stage. Doing this allows you to focus on areas that lead to closing more deals and enables you to find the right people for your team.

An efficient sales strategy can benefit your business by providing a clear-cut guide to streamlining your sales and marketing efforts.

Whether you deploy inbound sales or outbound sales, you can have sales strategies that can give you results.

Inbound sales strategy focuses on attracting prospects to your business and building strong relationships. The prospect is already aware of your business and initiates the contact.

One of the most popular ways to attract prospects is to provide best online contents such as blogs, e-books and other insightful information.

Prospects are actively looking for a solution or information regarding their challenge. At this stage, they are almost ready to purchase from you. So, to properly reel them in you need to clearly communicate how your product or service meets their needs. Depending on these interactions, prospects convert into customers.

In outbound sales, the seller actively seeks a potential buyer usually through targeted ads, cold calls, emails and text blasts. Having a good outbound strategy depends on having the right Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for your business. If you’re not targeting your customers correctly you’re pretty much fishing without bait. 

Once you have your Ideal Customer Profile, you can generate a database of potential leads that match your target profile. Next, you can reach out to those leads to find whether they are interested in your products and services.

You can employ various prospecting methods including social media, digital marketing, cold calling, and text & email to get your prospect’s attention. Once you grab your prospects’ attention, you will need to understand their needs to close a deal and build a strong relationship with them.

How to build a sales strategy?

Now that you have a sales strategy plan, next it’s time to put your strategy into action. Here is a 7-step process to build a successful sales strategy:

1. Understand your target audience

We went over this a little above. Remember, the goal here is to attract more customers who have similar challenges as your current customers.

The best way to reach your target audience is to look at your current customers (or your competitors) and understand why they purchased a product / service. Ask yourself…what caused these customers to look for a solution like our product or service? Why did they purchase our product or service instead of a competitors? Why are they purchasing from our competitors and not us?

By creating a customer persona of your actual buyers or your competitors, you’ll be able to achieve consistent sales. 

In addition to understanding general demographics information such as business size and team size, you can collect details like why they ‘approached us’.

For example, you can post a customer survey on social media or through an email or text blast to understand your current customers better.

2. Implementing SWOT analysis

SWOT stands for: Strengths Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat. This analysis is an important tool to analyze your current situation and consider your business strengths and weaknesses which will help you develop a stronger business strategy.

SWOT also helps you to identify whether you’re able to expand your business further, and this analysis can be performed by anyone familiar with your business processes.

SWOT analysis also highlights your areas of strength which you can use to make the most of the opportunities that you have in the future. It also shows your weakness so that you have the opportunity to address some of them and any threats that your business may have or may face. 

3. Aligning sales and marketing

Aligning your sales and marketing team will play a crucial role in the success of your business. It helps you in understanding customer acquisition and helps to increase your revenue. To properly manage every lead, you need sales and marketing to be united. Hiring a Professional Marketing and sales agency like ModFXMedia, can help you to understand and make sense of all of this so your money and efforts aren’t being wasted. 

Here’s a few ways in which could help for your sales and marketing teams to work better together: 

  • Arrange for regular joint meetings for both teams
  • Ensure open communication between both the teams
  • Facilitate sharing information between both the teams

Once you have aligned both the teams, next you have to produce a consistent message that both teams can use. Now you can send your consistent message to all your prospects for winning more deals.

4. Define a sales process

A sales process is a repeatable set of steps that a sales team can perform to turn potential leads into paying customers. It acts as a roadmap for your sales team so they can know what steps to take next so they can close a deal.

Having an effective sales process shows a clear path for your sales team to follow, and it gives them much more consistency in winning deals.

5. Get the right team

To achieve your sales target, you need the right sales talent. Creating an ideal hiring strategy and using it during the interview process is an excellent way to identify the best candidates.

Another way is to hire a professional marketing agency that has a team already trained in sales culture that can convert your small business with more leads.

6. Action plan

Set up a workflow that involves all tasks involved to achieve your goals. Assign the tasks to the right persons and provide a timeline for the completion of these tasks. Your timeline should be in sync with your revenue goals.

Hire a professional 

Whether you’re a start-up or an established player, building a well-defined sales strategy will help you to achieve your sales goals quickly. At ModFXMedia, we’ll help your business set clear priorities, measurable outcomes, strong guidelines and clear goals.

Set up your FREE digital marketing sales strategy with us today by Clicking Here to fill out our contact form on our website. Or, feel free to call us directly at- (904)673-7587. 

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Organic Growth in Business

Achieving and maintaining organic growth in business is one of the most important aspects of a successful company. Organic growth allows business owners to maintain control of their company, while ensuring security over their business without the influence of external factors such as mergers and acquisitions. Reaching successful organic growth is an intricate process that requires strategy and design. If your business is able to achieve continuous organic growth, it sets the company up for future success, and helps achieve revenue growth and goals without the need for assistance from external businesses. 

What is Organic Growth? 

Organic growth is the growth that a company is able to achieve solely through internal efforts. Examples of these internal efforts include:

Branding and Promotion

Customer Relationships

Content Creation

Product Development

The organic growth that a company achieves is done without the help or assistance of other businesses, and simply relies on its own resources. Organic growth strategies optimize growth from within the company, and this is done through the internal efforts that are listed above. 

Benefits of Organic Growth

When a business is able to grow organically, there are several benefits that come from this internal growth that set up the potential for future success. First, the owners are able maintain full and complete control of the company, as it grows from the inner workings of itself. When companies stray from organic growth and utilize the assistance of other businesses, the chances of losing control and ownership of the company increase. Another benefit of maximizing organic growth is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other methods for achieving growth. By utilizing the strategies for organic growth, companies save money and maintain organization and control if they are willing to have a gradual growth process. 

Strategies to Grow Organically

Organic growth comes by design. There are several strategies to implement into your organic growth plan to help your company achieve successful and steady growth.

Branding and Promotion

Increasing your market share by promoting your brand and increasing brand awareness is essential in attaining organic growth. Brand awareness is the ability of customers to recognize your brand by its features and attributes. The more branding and promotions that are done increase your brand awareness and recognition. Promoting your services and products consistently will drive traffic to your company and allow brand awareness and recognition to continue growing.

Customer Relationships

Establishing good relationships with your customers and clients will help drive business to your company, and help establish credibility and trustworthiness. These relationships will improve your customer loyalty and continue driving returning customers and also bring in new ones. Encourage your returning customers to leave online reviews. This will improve your company’s reputation and establish it as dependable.

Creative Content

Digital marketing is a tool that every business needs in order to achieve growth and success. In your content, tell the story of your brand and connect with potential customers. Create content that resonates with your target market, and elicits an emotional response. Because you are trying to grow your company and reach as many people as possible, your content should be scheduled and consistently posted. Ensure that you are making your content creative, informative, and useful to the potential customers you are trying to reach.

In conclusion, acquiring growth organically is a gradual process, but the return is very profitable. Business owners are able to maintain control over their company throughout the process of growing organically. Organic growth also allows owners to be able to stay organized throughout the growth process because everything is done internally. By building your brand, promoting the services and products that your company offers, strategically creating content, and building customer relationships, the organic growth of your company will follow. 

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