How Hiring A Medical Marketing Agency Can Help Your Practice

When you think of healthcare or medical marketing, you might picture TV ads for prescription drugs with smiling couples. While this is one form of medical marketing, it’s not really the kind  medical marketing used by regular doctors for their practices.

Doctors who are working to build their own brand or grow their practice require a more personalized digital medical marketing approach that will target their specific needs, goals, and audience. Hiring a professional medical marketing agency is a good way to start, and it will allow you to focus on your job, which is treating patients.

Medical marketing professionals are trained to develop campaigns and creative tactics that will bring tangible results and patient leads to your practice. 

Here are some ways in which doctors can benefit from the help of a medical marketing agency.

An Expert Healthcare Marketing Team

There’s no better sales tactic than quality care, great customer service, and showing true empathy to your patients. Patients interact with each department in your clinic, allowing each employee the opportunity to make a positive or negative impact on the patient experience. 

When there’s a need to “get the word out” about a new service offered or provided at your practice, a physician generally doesn’t have the time or expertise to effectively engage in marketing.

Maybe you want to set up a PPC ad on your latest service, or share a video on your social media channels educating the public on ED treatment, or make updates to your website. 

Whatever it is, your time is valuable as a physician, and a marketing agency has a team of experts that can creatively execute the right strategies and tactics for you. 

There’s no need to burn yourself (or your staff) out simply because you are trying to be a marketer as well as a physician. 

Strategy & Planning Analysis

A marketing agency can help you perform a deep dive into complex business development challenges, and implement solutions to keep your practice afloat and profitable. 

Have you seen a dip since a new practice opened in your town? Are consumers going elsewhere based on online reviews of your practice?

Hiring a medical marketing team can help doctors determine things like: 

  • What number of patients and “sales” will guarantee enough income for overhead costs? 
  • How to set a goal for profit. 
  • How to put a strategy into action in order to reach more people and drive conversions on your site.

They Will Handle SEO Smoothly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of ensuring your practice will come up near the top of the search engine results when potential patients are looking for a medical practitioner in your geographical window and area of expertise. 

Multiple factors determine what moves a particular practice to the top of the search list, with just a few including competition, backlinks, website structure and readability, and age and credibility of their domain name. Those are just a sampling of things taken into consideration when improving SEO.

Most physicians would prefer to spend their time caring for patients or improving their specialty over learning the logistics of SEO. 

Choosing not to participate in SEO monitoring isn’t a feasible option, though. Medical practices are missing out on prime growth by not paying attention to their ranking on search engines. By hiring a medical marketing agency, this allows physicians to use their time where it is most valuable.

They can help to target your ideal patient utilizing paid advertising

Unlike traditional broadcast and print media, a medical digital marketing agency helps you to be specific with your target through the ability to streamline them through certain features.

Digital marketing enables physicians to target patients by a specific condition, age, gender, demographic, or even zip code.

The ability of digital marketing to target consumers through the use of certain keywords increases the chance to reach the patients you want. 

Also, this ability to target certain conditions can be done in real-time, and is a cost-saving move that cannot be done via traditional advertising methods.

PPC advertising allows you to pay for targeted ads across a specific demographic and/or geographic location. 

For example, an orthopedic practice could invest in Google Ads to target a specific location – for instance, “Orthopedic specialist in Waco, TX” – this will help push prospective clients to visit their website or call their practice.

A medical marketing agency can help make sure you reach the patients you want in the area you want. They know all the ins, outs and tricks to make sure your paid advertising is successful. 

They Can Create an Text & Email Marketing Campaign

Hiring a medical marketing agency like ModFXMedia allows you to ensure your communications with your patients aren’t going straight into the spam folder. 

The marketing team will carefully craft the texts and emails and then schedule them at appropriate intervals. 

They can also help you determine what type of text and email marketing would work best for your practice.

Some physicians send out bi-weekly or monthly informational content and practice updates to patients on their mailing lists. While others prefer to stick with a simple pre-appointment reminder email and patient satisfaction survey. 

Working with a professional agency can help you to determine what works and what doesn’t to ensure your practice is keeping your current patients up to date while constantly gaining fresh leads from new subscribers.

They can improve patient reviews

Consumer-driven review websites like Yelp and Google are influential to consumers when looking for everything from a new hair salon to a doctor’s office. 

As a consumer, why ask one or two friends for a recommendation when they can have instant access to dozens of reviews to get a variety of perspectives and help make their own decision?

These reviews can really make or break a practice, and they may be the reason you aren’t seeing return patients or even new patients. 

Having a medical marketing team on your side can help you analyze these reviews daily and help you understand a common theme of either good or poor service. 

It’s important to know what your consumers are saying about your office to help decide what changes are needed to improve patient quality and happiness. 

Once you know what to fix, your medical marketing agency can launch campaigns to promote these changes and get more patients through your door who will, in turn, leave better reviews!

The time is now to invest in a Digital Marketing Agency

From well-established healthcare practices to fledgling offices, maintaining a robust digital presence will provide the stability required for a business to flourish. 

If you want to win patients, you’ll need to create social profiles, optimize your website for SEO and mobile, and run paid advertisements to attract new patients. 

Adopting a digital marketing plan for your practice will level the playing field so your practice can reach potential patients who are searching for services also offered by larger healthcare systems. 

At ModFXMedia, we have years of experience in healthcare/medical digital marketing. We handle Healthcare practices, Dental Practices, Regeneration Clinics, Integrative Medicine, Ophthalmology/Vision clinic as well as Veterinary clinics. And the best news is you start to see results right away! 
To learn more about ModFXMedia, and how we can help your practice, request a free strategy call with us by CLICKING HERE to fill out the form on our website. Or call us directly at 1-904-673-7587.

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How To Spice Up Your Medical Practices Social Media Content

If you’re reading this blog post, you probably already know why it’s important that your medical practice has a strong presence on social media! But, unless someone has a health condition or is specifically looking for a doctor online, gaining and keeping new followers on social media can be difficult.

I mean, it’s not like medical practices post about the hottest celebrity breakups or makeup tutorials. Instead, they post about health conditions and their services, (which is great) but let’s face it, even the most valuable client can lose interest and stop hitting that like button after a while. 

When followers stop liking and engaging on your social media posts, your content comes up less and less on their profile. Then before you know it, you’re wondering what happened to your social media presence altogether. 

So, how can your medical practice spice up your social media content? 

The goal is to post informative content, but also find ways to keep your content fresh and engaging. Easier said than done, we know! Especially when you’re trying to simultaneously run a successful medical practice. 

So, we decided to ‘assist’ and share a list of our favorite content ideas that your medical practice can use on social media. 

1) An Intro: 

Post a current photo. Introduce yourself and tell people about your training. Explain why you became a doctor, and why you are passionate about what you do.

2) A Family Photo: 

If you are comfortable doing so, post a family photo and introduce your spouse and children. Talk about your family pets, too. The more your social media visitors can relate to you, the more they’ll trust you, and likely choose you over a competitor.

3) Your Staff: 

Post a photo of each staff member and tell people about their education, training, and any special interests they have. 

Make sure you mention why they are an important member of your team, and talk about what they love most about their job.

4) Upcoming Events: 

Share information about all upcoming events that you are holding or attending.

5) Events Updates: 

Share photos and an update on how those events went.

6) Helpful Tips: 

Post short photos and videos with helpful tips for your patients.

7) Staff Celebrations: 

Share staff birthdays, parties, events, and anything else that shows your company’s culture and caring nature.

8) Products & Services: 

Share information about your products and/or services. Don’t SELL them…teach about them. 

Explain their benefits and talk about how they can help your patients. Make sure to add photos if appropriate.

9) Success Stories: 

Post patient success stories. Use before and after photos, along with their story. 

NOTE: Make sure you have their written permission before doing so, and be sure to adhere to all HIPAA regulations!

Read our other blog on Hipaa social media rules for your practice

10) Inspirational posts: 

Post anything that can inspire your clients, help motivate them, help them to focus on healing or improve their well being. 

Post an inspirational quote or share a success story from another medical source. 

11) Awards: 

Talk about any awards you or your staff receive. Share a photo of the award and some information about it.

12) Press: 

Mention any press you receive. Make sure to share a link to the article and their logo.

13) FAQ’s: 

Answer frequently asked questions. Post a question that many of your patients ask, and then post the answer to it below. 

You can also post the answer in the comments. By adding the answer into the comments, it makes the reader click the post which raises your engagement percentage.

14) Demonstrations: 

Demonstrate how your equipment works. This can help relieve the fear of the unknown for your current and prospective patients.

15) Tests & Procedures: 

Give an explanation of specific tests or procedures that are common for your patients to have.

16) Industry Findings: 

Talk about the most recent industry findings in your field, explained in layman’s terms. 

Remember that your clients and followers don’t understand medical jargon. Always break it down for your reader to understand. 

17) Discounts or Promotions: 

Mention all discounts and/or promotions that your practice is offering. Make sure you give patients a code to use to get the promotion that is specific to the social media platform you are posting it on. Doing this will help you to know which platform is the most effective for this purpose.

18) Holidays: 

Celebrate the holidays with your social media followers. You can post photos of your office decorations. Or share pictures and videos of your in-office holiday celebrations. 

Always make sure to send out well-wishes via social media. You can do this by scheduling your posts.

19) National “Something” Day: 

Basically every day is National “Something” Day. Pick out the ones that apply to your business or patients, and create fun posts around those.

20) Reviews: 

Anytime a review is posted, on any website, make sure you share it.

21) Charity work: 

It’s important for every business to support a cause or help their community. Whatever you choose to do, share photos and information before, during and after. Invite your social media followers to participate.

22) Office tours: 

Create a short video showing your office and explain what each room is for.

23) Giveaways: 

If appropriate, consider holding a giveaway for a product or service. Make sure you have people who enter the drawing, like the post, following your social media page and tagging another individual.

You can also send them to a page and have them fill out their first name and email address in order to enter. This is a great way to add to your email list. 

NOTE: Make sure you follow all of the contest rules on each social media platform.

24) Anything & Everything New: 

If your business adds a new product, service, location or staff member…share that information on social media.

25) Basic information: 

Make it easy on your viewers. Share your address, phone number and office hours every so often in a post.

26) Humor: 

Share a funny meme, quote, video or photo that is appropriate and relates to your field. Remember, people come on social media to be entertained. You can still be professional while also showing a sense of humor. People appreciate seeing that side of a doctor and their medical practice.

27) Fun facts: 

Share any useful, helpful or interesting information that relates to your area of practice.

28) Community Information: 

Share in the joy of, and congratulate any local business or organization that has big news. 

By sharing the news of other businesses, most of the time they will do the same for you. This means twice as many eyes seeing your posts and knowing about your medical practice.

29) Infographic: 

Post an infographic that will help your patients to visualize a process or an outcome.

30) Other People’s Content: 

This is basically #10 & #28 but….share really good posts created by others that will be interesting or helpful to your patients. Make sure to credit the content creator. 

31) Polls: 

Create a poll to find out what your prospective patients are interested in.

32) Introduce A Colleague: 

Talk about a trusted colleague who you would recommend to your patients. Ask them to do the same for you! 

33) Staff News: 

Celebrate your staff! Share birth announcements, marriages, birthdays, promotions, awards, courses taken, etc. 

Seek a second opinion!

If after reading this, you still feel your content marketing and social media management could use a face lift, then hiring a professional agency is the best ‘treatment’!

We’re prescribing your medical practice Modfxmedia

At ModFXMedia, we specialize in online medical/healthcare marketing, and have created creative content for hundreds of medical practices.

If you want more traffic, leads and patients..then we’re the business for you.

Our job is to reinforce your Google Ads, SMM and SEO goals into a cohesive strategy that will transform your online visitors into paying customers.

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ModFXMedia Ranks as One of the Top Advertising Agencies in Jacksonville

ModFXMedia was found to rank in the top percentile of advertising agencies in Jacksonville by This is the second year in a row that ModFXMedia has been recognized as one of the top advertising agencies in the area. The company received previous recognition in 2020 for being one of the most trusted agencies in the northeast part of Florida and continues their success in serving businesses across the country. 

Best Advertising Agencies Jacksonville

ModFXMedia proudly offers an array of marketing services and expertise in SEO optimization, website development, content development strategy, social media management, branding, and online marketing and advertising. ModFXMedia pushes to elevate your search engine rankings and drive organic and targeted traffic to your business. We work to unpack the big picture in your business and build revenue-generating content and strategies for our clients and their businesses. Our team strives to help our clients attract, acquire and retain customers with increasing growth and revenue.

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ModFXMedia Named Top Web Development Company in Jacksonville by

ModFXMedia was ranked among the most trusted providers with multiple service offerings and practice areas.

Jacksonville, FL, a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has announced ModFXMedia among the best web development companies in Jacksonville. The top 15 firms were evaluated based on service offerings, size of the firm, and industry focus. 

ModFXMedia and other high-ranking providers offer a broad range of services to meet the needs of clients as they shift business goals and expand operations. The study assessed large firms with the resources to execute national campaigns and small agencies that can offer quick turnaround and personalized services. It was also critical that these companies cater to clients across various industries, including information technology, retail, business services, healthcare, and medical, and financial services.’s research team conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 101 companies across the city. To access the complete list of best web developers, please visit. 

As a full-service marketing company, ModFXMedia serves to provide clients with the ultimate digital expertise in SEO optimization, content development strategy, website design, and more. ModFXMedia elevates your search engine rankings, helping you achieve the top spot on Google to grow organically. By utilizing social media marketing, we leverage the power of social media to drive organic and targeted traffic to your business to help generate increasing revenues. We create content that reinforces your SEO goals, builds your brand, and helps you exceed your marketing and revenue goals.

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